magLearning more
To a majority of people Freemium is counterintuitive. For this very reason the first category is complied of tools that help you understand it.

magExamining potential
The next step is to figure out if and how Freemium can make sense for your company or business. These tools can help you do just that.

Case Studies

magFlat World Knowledge
The company produces college text books and offers it to students to read online for free. They make profit by selling physical books, audio books and other premium products.

magCommon Craft
Common Craft produces original education videos that are freely distributed over the internet. They generate revenue from High-Definition version and referrals.

Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog
Free:Online show via youtube

Paid:DVD and Itunes versions + merchandise .

Free: Music downloads directly from his site
CDs, iTunes, concerts and special products,

Paulo Coelho

Free: PDF versions of his books

Paid:Physical books

Free: Facilitation of private book exchange
Books purchased through amazon

magText Free

Free: 15 text messages a day

Paid: Unlimited text messages

magThe Keynote Speaker
Free: The work being done by the non-profit organization

The CEO/Founder giving an inspirational speech

magThe Business Book
Free: The book

Paid: Speaking and consulting in the areas of expertise

magO’Reilly Publishing
Free: Books in digital form

Paid: The book in premium digital format or in physical forms.

magPoetry Speaks
Free: Ability to read it online or hear the author read it for free

MP3 downloads or printed texts

magLaw Firm
Free: The ability to generate term sheets

Other services of the law firm

magThe Scholarly Lawyer
Free: A scholarly article
Services offered to clients in specific areas of law


magCreating a freemium model
Designing and implementing a Freemium model includes a number of steps such as brainstorming the model and marketing the free (product/services).


Skype offers a free program that enables users to make calls between computers for free. They make profits when a small percentage of these users buy calls to regular phones.

magFuture case studies
The following is a list of case studies that will be appearing on this blog. Please feel free to suggest other possibilities. Contact me

magThe Blog
Free: Knowledge and advice through blog posts

Paid:Premium products

magMonty Python
Free: 50 – 60 clips of some of the most popular skits.

Paid: DVD box set

magSita Sings The BLues
Free:The movie
Paid shows at cinemas, DVDs and merchandise
All products are attributed with an artist endorsed emblem.

magTechno Brava
Free:The music on the CD (not entirely free but very close)
Parties and recordings from the party

Free: Music
Premium formats and the license to use the music in TV and films

magJonathan Coulton
Free:Music with a Creative Commons license
CDs, iTunes, concerts and karaoke versions of the tracks

magJohn Freese
Free: Nothing

Paid: A large range of hilarious product, most see

magCorey Smith
Free: Music downloads directly from his site

Paid: CDs, iTunes and concerts

Free: A low quality MP3 download for a limited time

Paid: CDs, iTunes and concerts

magNine Inch Nails
Free: Free download
Digital downloads, CD set and Deluxe editions