Freemium Summit

Unfortunately I was not able to go to the recent Freemium Summit, 8800 KM is a bit far for a one day event.
Yet it seems to have been a very interesting event and fortunately a lot of the knowledge from the summit is starting to spread around the web.

In this post i have tried to gather interesting bits from different sources, as more come up I will be sure to add them.
What are your thoughts about the summit ? Do you have any interesting posts i have missed or some reflections ?

Blog posts

Recap from The Freemium Summit 2010 (Using what was tweeted from the event)
Three Lessons on Making the Freemium Model Work, from WordPress’ CEO
Case Studies in Freemium: Pandora, Dropbox, Evernote, Automattic and MailChimp
Freemium Summit: Evernote shares the insider secrets of free apps
Lessons on Charging for Content from Pandora
Freemium Summit Notes & Data


The Danger of ‘Freemium:’ A Case Study

Reaching Impenetrable Markets with Freemium

Entrepreneurs Talk Up iPhone ‘Freemium’ Strategies


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